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The Free-tailed bat and the Evening Bat!

Can you guess which one is which?

Heres a couple of other interesting images:

Metairie Bat Removal

This was taken around the Clearview Parkway area. I was helping another company perform their first TALL bat removal. I have helped many of my competitors actually get started in business. If I ever need any help it is nice to know they will be there for me! Bat work is tough, and sometimes you need a helping hand.



White Nose Syndrome

While White-Nose Syndrome is serious, it is a cold weather fungus. Our area in Louisiana just isn’t subject to lengthy cold temperatures so if a bat were to get it, the fungus would die before it really affected the population.

While many people think this is a “baby bat” it is NOT. This is an adult. Everyone always asks me if that is me holding that bat like that. The truth is it isn’t, but to be honest there have been a few times where I didn’t actually say one way or the other. I just said, it sure looks like my thumb!

Bats in a Log Cabin

Log cabins can be tough work as the walls are always irregular and special materials must be used because of a large amount of movement in a log cabin. Wood expands and contracts, and since bats love crevices a log cabin can be a challenge unlike any other. The only thing worse than a log cabin is one with a metal roof as well.

Bat taking a break

I took this picture in Metaire off of Zinnia Avenue on a hot day. I suspect this bat was just cooling off even though free-tails like it to be about 104 degrees to raise their young.

Bed-Bug vs Bat-Bug

Take a close look!Bat bugs do not flourish like the bed bugs do. If you have either one you will want a pest control professional to take care of it. Bat Bugs usually die off once the bats are gone, but you should be aware of what you are dealing with and have an expert figure out what you have. Bat Bugs can easily be mistaken for Bed Bugs!

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