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Bats in Covington

Covington is an older town with a history of a healthy population of bats. I have been removing bats for many years and people always say to me that they never thought about bats being a problem for anyone. Other people tell me they see bats flying around at dusk almost every evening.

I have done quite a bit of work excluding bats from the downtown Covington area. Many of the buildings there are brick structures and bats just love bricks.

Bats like to live in brick structures because bricks do not fluctuate much in temperature and when they do change, they do it slowly over time giving the bats a nice stable place to live in.

In 2018 the Advocate newspaper did an article about me in Covington. Basically, they came and took pictures and asked me a lot of questions. Since it was near Halloween they figured it would make for a great article. When started talking about it, I realized I had done work for the reporter in this case and not long after I did some work for the photographer too!

The article they wrote was about a home in Covington that had bats, they asked the homeowner how they came to find out they had bats. Not unlike most people, they had a strange smell in one of the rooms. Then they had a bat actually in the house and that was the final straw!

In Covington, there is a general area that seems to have more than the fair share. The image below shows some of the place in Covington that I found & removed bats from attics and chimneys.

If you’re looking for a reference before hiring me, you might notice that I can probably show you some of my bat removal work right near you!

Downtown Covington Bat Control

As you can see, when you zoom in on the area, we have done lots of bat removals from this area! I look forward to solving your bat problem as well!

In Covington, I see single family homes with a metal roof or two story brick buildings with bats at the roof line. Have a good look around the website and you will find just about all the answers to your bat problem, if not just call!

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