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How to get rid of bats! Hire a professional with experience, certification & training.

15+ Years experience removing bats in Mandeville, I guarantee we will get rid of them, cleanup and repair your home with the best warranty in the business!

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We get rid of bats from homes and businesses fairly often in Mandeville. Getting rid of bats takes time and experience. We offer the best warranty in the area, and can certainly point in about any direction to show you an example of our work. We succeed when others fail. I take the time to do more than just guess at what the problem is and often we will be there early in the morning to watch and see exactly what the bats are doing, how they are getting in and then finally solve the problem for good!

The video of bats flying around was taken in Mandeville in the early morning hours. This is a lot of bats trying to get in! We however have set up a one-way door so they can longer get back into the roof! When we successfully get rid of bats, this is generally what it looks like when they are trying to get back in.

Bats in Mandeville

Bat Removal in Mandeville

Parker Wildlife Control gets rid of bats from residential & commercial buildings in Mandeville, LA. If you found a bat flying around in the house, don’t feel alone! As you can see by the above image bats are not uncommon in Mandeville. Bats usually reside in two story brick structures but can be found about anywhere.

Bat Removal Services

  • Identify entry and exit points
  • Examine roof for potential entry points
  • Seal all areas of concern with matching materials
  • Exclude bats
  • Clean and disinfect as necessary
  • Warranty our work

We get bats out and can prove it with references in your area, may be even down the street. Getting rid of bats is essential to a clean healthy home, living with bats is not an option. Even if you love the little hand winged creatures, they are better off in the wild in the long run.

Mandeville has some interesting construction due to the possibility of lake flooding. Many houses are raised on concrete piers, and bats do like high places. Another thing you will see often is a metal roof. There are also some homes that are over 100 years old and sometimes they will have asbestos shingles. To seal them up you have to be especially careful as they can break.

To get bats out we may have to rent a lift. This can be expensive but this isn’t the kind of thing you want to do twice, or three times. We guarantee our work and look forward to solving your bat problem for good.

the best company to call for bat removal in Mandeville, LA is Parker Wildlife Control. I personally have national training and certification specifically for bat removal which I helped create through NWCOA, the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

Bats get into metal roofs and shingled roofs as well. When getting rid of bats from a metal roof it is important to understand whether or not your ridge cap is used for venting purposes as that can affect the cost and how we get rid of them.

Bat removal is done through exclusion only. It is also extremely important to prevent what I like to call the back flow of bats when performing an exclusion. The initial inspection will help determine the timeline and procedure used to get rid of them and to keep them from being able to return. Bats will without a doubt attempt to get back into any structure they have been excluded from.

We Safely and Humanely get rid of the bats for good!

Feel free to check out my many certifications, and service to the industry by visiting my certifications page.

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