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Bats in Mandeville

If you found a bat flying around in the house, don’t feel alone! As you can see by this image bats are not uncommon in Mandeville.

We get bats out and can prove it with references in your area, may be even down the street.

Mandeville has some interesting construction due to the possibility of lake flooding. Many houses are raised on concrete piers, and bats do like high places. Another thing you will see often is a metal roof. There are also some homes that are over 100 years old and sometimes they will have asbestos shingles. To seal them up you have to be especially careful as they can break.

To get bats out we may have to rent a lift. This can be expensive but this isn’t the kind of thing you want to do twice, or three times. We guarantee our work and look forward to solving your bat problem for good.

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