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How much does trapping cost?

We get asked these questions everyday:

  • How much does it cost to trap and remove animals?
  • How much are the repairs?
  • Do you have a warranty?
  • Do you Guarantee your work?

The answers are here!

Our fees are pretty simple and straightforward because I get asked often not to give someone the “St Charles prices” because people tend to charge more in that area for the same service they offer cheaper elsewhere. I do not charge more because you live in a gated community, or estate. I will however give a discount or arrange payment terms for those folks who are in dire need and truly have nowhere else to turn for help.

That said, here is the most common break down of charges.

Inspection Fee: 165.00

I like to call this a site visit and evaluation. Yes, I do charge to come out and “look at” your wildlife control problem! You might ask well why would I pay you to look at it when I already know I got a problem and I saw where the animal is getting in. 

What I do during an inspection is quite different than you might think. Our goal is to solve the problem and contrary to what you think the problem is not necessarily the critter but the structure! Some sort of egress was present and may exist elsewhere as well. We inspect everything necessary to solve the problem, this could mean getting on the roof, or under the house. It might mean an attic visit or simply walking around the exterior.

Trapping Fees:

This can be a range of prices depending on what we are doing. 

Residential Trapping: $385

Residential means trapping in a typical backyard, under the house or in an attic of a residence where we are removing a nuisance animal or group of known nuisance animals that are causing damage or pose a threat/health hazard

Large Commercial: $650

Large commercial normally applies to projects where we are trapping in a large facility. Often, these types of projects involve transient animals such as raccoons loafing in the parking lot of a car dealership during normal business hours, or appearing on property to create a health hazard or danger to customers requiring us to place several traps.

Transient Trapping: $485

Transient trapping is a term used to describe trapping in an area where animals are simply passing by such as showing up in the backyard digging large holes to feed but do not live there. Often these jobs result in extended time and large numbers of animals removed like 5-15. Our record is 27 raccoons from one backyard before the severe lawn damage stopped.

How much are animal damage repairs?

A Single hole repaired on a single story house is typically $75 per hole but many times we do not charge a fee a simple single repair.

Once we do the inspection ($165) we can quote you for the repairs necessary to keep out animals and secure your home.

Screening vents: A triangle vent ranges from 125-275 depending on how large it is. We use 1/4 inch hardware cloth in most cases. Round vents are priced similarly but the small vents are more in the range of 85-95 dollars per vent, octagonal vents are harder to fit properly and are often 125. I will be happy to give you a firm price once I look at it.

Big round hat vents or as I like to call them mushroom vents: 125-250 depending on how we do it. Some methods just look better while others work but are more economical, you can decide which is right for you. People often decide this based on how visible the repair is, if it is highly visible they  sometimes want a manufactured cover suited for the vent, these vents can run 475 and up depending on the size and accessibility (we need to safely work up there) and of course, I can usually quote you after the inspection.

Warranty Information

We do offer full warranties. Normally it is a 2 year warranty but can be longer or shorter depending on the job type and the repairs. Not paying for the job or the repairs voids and nullifies any warranty we offer.

Warranties can be extended for an additional fee and again that cost is dependent on the job type and the repairs. We must reinspect to consider an extension.

The cost of the warranty is sometimes included as part of the repair work.


A guarantee is similar to the warranty, but people usually ask for a guarantee BEFORE we do the work and a warranty AFTER we do the work.

We do guarantee that we will solve the problem, and most repair work features a warranty against animal intrusion.

One guarantee we offer is “Guaranteed removal of original colony existing” this means we’re going to promise to get rid of what is existing – not what might show up later – our Warranty covers that!

If you need clarification, or have any questions give me a call today and I will walk you through any questions you might have. I have been doing wildlife removal in the New Orleans are for around 20 years and I am sure I can help you!



Sometimes we refund a partial amount on trapping, but not all of the time depending on the situation. However, in most cases if we charge you 385 for trapping and we set out traps and do not catch the target species and do not have to make multiple trips to solve the situation we might refund about half the cost of 200 dollars.


Very rarely would we refund for an inspection but sometimes the fee is waived


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