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Dead Animal Removal Cost

How much does it cost to remove a dead animal? That depends on several things.

  • Where it is located
    • If the animal is under a raised house I need to know if it is accessible and if there are fleas infesting the area, if there are a ton of fleas I will charge more
    • If the animal is in a wall we may have to cut it out. We will replace the hole we cut with the same piece when possible but we are not going to repair it painted and floated
    • If the dead animal is in the attic we may spend quite awhile searching
  • How big is the animal
    • removing a large dog takes more time than a little opossum and requires much more labor

Over all the average dead animal clean up  costs anywhere from 235 – 450 depending again as I said what is all involved. If you call me I can often give a very firm estimate over the phone based on our conversation.

Getting rid of the smell of a dead animal

To get rid of the odor and or smell of a dead animal nothing beats actually getting rid of the source of the smell such as the dead animal itself. Locating it is often the hardest part. Once we find the source of the odor and we remove it, the odor should go away within a day at the most. We usually soak the area with bleach to kill any germs, bacteria, and or diseases. You will find though in that regard that you have more to fear from the living than the dead!

Finding the source of the smell of a dead animal: How we do it

We start by mentally dividing up the area into quadrants. Next we try to decide by the strength of the odor which quadrant seems to smell the worst. This often involves getting on our hands and knees and sniffing the baseboards and the outlets which are often not sealed airtight and can lead us to the source of the odor. Sometimes we walk the outside perimeter of the house as well, and yes we look for flies. Flies are naturally drawn to dead animals and they can lead you to it if your patient.

Fixing the problem of a dead animal in the house

The main thing to think about is how did this animal get into the house in the first place. If we can figure out how to prevent it again, we will. This is all part of our service fee. Opossums will eat rat poison and then wander off and die somewhere, usually under a house. We will recommend you seal off the bottom of the house with lattice if appropriate using the smaller 1 inch square type. The larger lattice can still allow most animal access unless it is backed by a smaller wire mesh.

You might need roof repairs as well if the animal entered the attic via the roof line. Again, this is part of the service fee.

We are the best at finding a dead animal, and yes I am bragging. After all this is my website! Finally, we know we are the best because we are often following up after someone else who offered a cheaper price couldn’t locate the critter! So like I said, we consider ourselves to be the best – and the nose knows!

Getting rid of a dead animal under a house
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