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Louisiana Raccoon Removal Information


Raccoon under a bathtub

We remove raccoons from attics and can repair the damage they can cause. Raccoons get under tubs, so if your hearing noises under the tub or what sounds like a human being walking around in your attic you might just have a large raccoon up there.

How do raccoons get into attics or homes in the New Orleans area

Raccoons typically get into a house one of two ways. They get in from the roof or from under the house. If it a roof entry, you may find a vent ripped open or a large hole in the roof like this.


Animals use holes in roofs like this to enter an attic

It is not uncommon to find a large hole in the roof caused by a raccoon. The hole is often bigger than a cantaloupe in size. You can sometimes spot hair at the entry point, but the biggest tip-off that it might be a raccoon in the attic is the droppings they leave behind. Raccoon feces can contain roundworm eggs so you might want to have the attic decontaminated after the removal process unless it is in an area that is unobtainable or impossible to get to.

If you have juvenile raccoons, the process to remove them would be very different than if it were just an adult up there. I use raccoon eviction fluid or paste as a first step as the most humane method in my opinion. The idea is that the female will move the young out on her own without having to trap them, especially if they are in an area impossible to get to.

Raccoon noises

Juvenile raccoons make noises in the attic, unlike any other animal.

These are examples of the juvenile raccoons:

Because raccoon feces can contain roundworm eggs most professionals will recommend when applicable to fully clean the attic. This will often mean removing all of the insulation in the attic and yes your insurance might cover it. You will have to call your agent to discuss it, but be prepared to educate your adjuster unless he or she has dealt with this before. Agents often simply say that they don’t cover rodents or vermin, however, a raccoon isn’t either of those. On the other hand, if you have a pollution clause, it could be ruled that the waste is considered pollution. Either way, as I said you would have to call your agent to discuss it or pay for it yourself. a 2k square foot home could run 6-19 thousand depending on the situation. The process would involve removing the contaminated materials, disinfecting and finally replacing the old with new insulation. It’s a tough job, almost unbearable to do in the New Orleans heat.

An attic in New Orleans can easily reach 140 degrees, add in a Tyvek suit – goggles and a respirator – or a full face mask – gloves, and the will to live and you might be able to do this type of work yourself.

We have been removing raccoons from residential and commercial properties in the New Orleans area for over 15 years! I am sure we can help you solve any issue related to wildlife control.

Below are some pictures to help you identify raccoon feces in an attic.

We provide raccoon removal services from trapping to clean up!

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