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Certifications & Training

There are a lot of people who claim to be expert wildlife control operators in the New Orleans & Baton Rouge area however they do not have extensive training in wildlife control.

First and foremost I have been performing wildlife control in the New Orleans are since 2000-2001 starting out removing stinging insects only. As I worked in that field, I was asked repeatedly about wildlife removal. My interest was peaked and in 2003 I attended my first wildlife control training seminar and have attended nearly every one since! I joined NWCOA, The National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

I volunteered my time to attend (NWCOA) association meetings, and served as a proxy for a board member a couple of times. After awhile I decided it was time to run for an elected position within the association. Serving many 2 year terms in a row, I was elected Secretary in 2010, 2012, and 2014. In 2016, I was elected as Vice president of the association. In 2018 I was back to the position of Secretary and it looks like in 2020 I will be the Central Director.

Over those many years of volunteer service I learned all I could and eventually began teaching and helping to create training. My personal experiences in construction and web design also came into play as the job of Wildlife Control requires many different skills. I rebuilt the NWCOA website from scratch and created the logos for the training and certifications that are offered today.

NWCOA Certifications

CWCP (Certified Wildlife Control Professional)

AOTC (Advanced Wildlife Control Operator)

CTOC (Certified Wildlife Control Operator)

Bat Standards Certified

Structural Bat Management

NWCOA Goose Management Professional

OSHA Certifications

Fall Protection

Aerial & Scissor Lifts

Ladder Safety


Kirk LaPierre Volunteer of the Year award

Certificate of Appreciation from the Department of Labor

Kentucky Colonel, signed by the governor himself!

Speaking Engagements

I have taught NWCOA courses and even created my own small presentations on wildlife control and bat removal in several states. Michigan, Indiana, New York, Virginia, Mississippi, Ohio, Nevada, North Carolina, and of course New Orleans, LA.

In the New Orleans area I regularly speak at small events such as garden clubs, and even for the Mosquito & Rodent control board of New Orleans on topics of bats and wildlife control in general.


DIY Bat Removal Handbook – Amazon

Final Thoughts

I am proud to say that over the years I have trained many people and learned something from all of them in one way or another. I am also certain that I am the most certified & trained individual in the area – probably the whole state! If I cannot help you, or if I know someone can serve you better I will recommend them rather than take on a job I cannot handle.

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