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Get rid of large flocks of birds, ducks, geese, sparrow, and starlings.

Certified AVIX Laser Installer: Charles Parker of Parker Wildlife Control

Humane bird removal: Locally owned, we can get rid of them today!

We offer a 5 year warranty on all repairs as a small locally owned family business we are proud to guarantee our work! We offer a full range of bird removal services that include trapping, exclusion, deterrents, and repairs!

Top Bird Problems in Louisiana

  1. Geese
  2. Pigeons
  3. Ducks
  4. Sparrows

Goose Removal: With the proper permits we can physically remove them. We have done what are called “round ups” where you herd all of the geese into a pen and then physically remove them. We can also perform and recommend options to deter them from showing up in the first place. Almost always there is a pond involved, making some changes to it could deter geese. This could include planting certain types of foliage, adding a large rock perimeter or even spanning the water with a wire grid. the most effective way we have seen is laser deterrents permanently installed to keep them away from the area. Since they can fly they can easily find a better location and probably already know of more spots to hang out besides your pond. Most issues with geese are due to the large amount of feces they leave behind creating a health hazard for people. Geese in a pond is not considered a valid nuisance complaint of it’s own accord, it’s the health hazard they can generate that is though.

Pigeon Removal: Getting rid of pigeons seems to always mean getting rid of a lot of them. When they invade an attic space or a warehouse they make quite a mess. Pigeon poop cleanup can be costly but always worth it. There are a variety of ways to get rid of them. Pigeons in large numbers can be deterred with lasers and eliminating roosting, nesting, and loafing areas. When it comes to pigeons you can shoot, trap, or exclude them. Be advised you cannot shoot within city limits, even a pellet gun is considered a firearm.

Ducks & Duck Removal: There are several types of duck problems ranging from a duck nesting in your garden who then attacks anyone close to the nest creating a safety concern to a much larger problem of help I have thousands of ducks on the property and we cannot live or work in this environment anymore due to the excessive amount of duck poop!

Small duck problem: The best thing to do is to catch this early, and get the duck to move on into an area that is safer for both people and the duck. You can prevent access with trip wires or small fencing as often they will simply walk into these areas.

Large duck issue: Larger scale problems can solved with AVIX lasers solutions. These autonomic solutions run on a schedule and move the birds off of large areas quite effectively.

How to get rid of Birds from your attic or vents

The best way to get rid of Birds from an area is to determine why they are there in the first place. If you have an opening that works for them they will indeed move right in! Our goal is to remove the birds from the problem area and let them find a better place on their own. Different birds and different bird problems require different solutions.

When a bird is in a dryer vent or a bathroom exhaust vent, they can often be excluded from the site using one-way doors. This allows the bird out but not back in. Very effective technique! We fashion these from tubes, often a section of large downspout will do. We leave them in place 3 days then remove them and then repair the opening with a new vent cover. We’ll clean up the mess they leave behind as well, restoring the home to good condition free of birds.

Bird poop or feces

Bird poop is corrosive and always contains bacteria – definitely do not want to touch it and then your mouth, face or clothes!

We service New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, and Baton Rouge. If your in those areas or nearby towns we can probably help you get rid of Birds! Birds are easily excluded from a structure.  In any case, it is always best to have someone like me who really knows his ($**!) stuff to come over and perform an attic inspection to determine what can be done to remove the birds, and finally, prevent it from happening again!

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