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Louisiana Opossum Removal: Humane and safe! Get rid of them today!

Louisiana Opossum

Just a little opossum in the yard

This little guy was just hanging around by a shed. Sometimes Opossums don’t do anything except being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

 Humane opossum removal: Locally owned, we can get rid of them today!

We offer a 5 year warranty on all repairs as a small locally owned family business we are proud to guarantee our work! Fleas are the number one reason to get rid of them from the structure. In fact, most customers calling about possum removal call because they have a flea problem. often times it is in the uptown area where a raised house offers safe haven where the tub plumbing goes through the flooring. If you have fleas in the bathroom, or near the tub and hear some sort of movement under the tub it is usually because there is an opossum under there.

How to get rid of Possums from your backyard

The best way to get rid of Possums walking on a fence or walking around in the backyard is trapping. Opossums can be easily trapped however you must then either kill the animal ( not recommended) or relocate it. In the scientific community, there are 2 terms. The first term is relocation. Relocation means to move the animal within its home range, meaning your backyard. The second term would be translocation, translocation means to move the animal outside of its home range and that is probably what you’re really looking to do. We translocate them.

Opossum poop or feces

Opossum poop actually looks a lot like cat poop in size so if you find something in your attic that looks more like dog poop in its size you might be dealing with a raccoon instead.

There’s a lot to learn about the opossums in our area. I like to call them natures homeless people. One thing that is very common about people that have an opossum problem is that there is almost always grocery bags in the bushes! When I get an opossum out from under a tub, especially in the uptown New Orleans area, I also see plenty of grocery bags under the tub as well. Fleas are probably the biggest issue when someone has an opossum under a raised house, under the tub, or in the attic. Fleas can be very difficult to control once they take root and more importantly if you do not get rid of the opossum. Everytime another opossum goes under the house they can bring in more fleas! Don’t be mad at your pest control guy if he has trouble getting rid of the fleas if you have not gotten rid of the opossum either. Fleas are tough to control anyway. A dead animal can still host a flea problem as well.

How do Opossums get into a house or attic

One of the primary entry points for Opossums to enter a home is under the bathtub. If you were to crawl under there you may see something like this photo of a bathtub plumbing cutout.

Bathtub Entry Point

Bathtub Entry Point

We usually take 1/4 inch hardware cloth and attach it to cover this opening. If you notice fleas around the tub or hear knocking or screeching noises this could be the problem. Once we get the animal out we can seal it for good, which will still allow a plumber to get under there and fix a pipe if he has to. The only problem is that the plumber may not remember to reseal the opening so care must be taken and it must be reclosed or you could have another animal under the tub. Raccoons will sometimes follow this same route.

Most people who have what they consider an outbreak of opossums don’t realize that they can have 6-12 (or more) young in one litter of young! Just so you know, males are called JACKS and females are called JILLS – and a bunch of opossums is called a PASSEL!

So if you have a PASSEL and it’s become a hassle – just give me a call!

We service New Orleans, Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, and Baton Rouge. If your in those areas or nearby towns we can probably help you get rid of Opossums! Because we may use traps in an attic or under a house we also use monitoring systems so we know when we have something trapped. Opossums are easily trapped using large animal traps baited with marshmallows but we also use paste baits to ensure that we will catch them as fast as possible. We also relocate the possums as they are actually a very beneficial animal to have around and are rarely aggressive. Although an opossum with show his teeth when frightened, they really only actually bite when physically threatened, for example, you grab one of his legs. If you found some sort of poop in the attic and are wondering if it is from an opossum I can describe opossum poop as more of about the size dropping a cat would leave behind. If the fecal matter is more the size of a cigar or what a dog would leave behind it may be a raccoon that did it. In any case, it is always best to have someone like me who really knows his ($**!) stuff to come over and perform an attic inspection to determine what exactly has been in your attic, what can be done to remove it, and finally, prevent it from happening again!

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