Louisiana Bat Removal Information

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Bat pup

This is a baby bat or better said a Bat “pup”.

Yes, we do bat removal in Louisiana, but primarily work South Louisiana – if you need us we can help get rid of them, clean up the mess they can leave behind or direct you to someone who can!  If you have a bat problem outside of the New Orleans or Baton Rouge area just give me a call!


Our area has always had a healthy population of bats, even though you may not have noticed them. Below are some common questions and answers about the bats of Louisiana. This information is different than what you might expect from the scientific community because this is directly related to bat and human conflicts and not about their biology and or reproduction, but as you will see, this does come into play.

What types of bats do we have in South Louisiana?

We have 2 types that are the most commonly reported as being a nuisance. Bats are actually awesome but not when they are flying around inside the house! I say South Louisiana, but I am referring specifically to the following areas: New Orleans – Baton Rouge – Slidell – Mandeville – Covington, and Houma. I have assisted some homeowners in Jackson, MS and found free-tails there as well.

So the 2 most commonly encountered types of bats are:

  1. The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat
  2. The Evening Bat

Here’s how to tell what kind of bat you might have. Check out these 2 photos.

View More Great Bat Images HERE

Where do the bats go when you get rid of them?

The bats might return to where ever they came from in the first place, or perhaps they will move on to a new home in the swamp. There isn’t much in the way of documentation on this subject, but one thing is for sure they cannot continue to live in your home or building without causing some sort of health issue or property damage. While everyone knows bats are beneficial – people, for the most part, will refuse to buy a house with a bat problem already in it! I always like to say, “They will go off, into the great Louisiana night”

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