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Attic Cleanup Information

Learn about the costs and dangers of attic restoration

After we get rid of the animals causing the damage the next step is to clean up the mess they leave behind. Animals not only use the attic as a toilet they can also chew wires, trample the insulation, and gnaw on wood. While they are at it, they often bring fleas, and disease with them!

All of these dangers can be present during an attic restoration. Next you need to understand that while we are all suited up to perform this task, the attic temperatures are almost always over 100 degrees! This makes this type of job very difficult and of course costly.

We endure all of this because it is very rewarding to at the end of the day both financially and emotionally. People really appreciate the hard work and when it is done it looks better than new!

We make it better by offering energy efficiency items while we work. It makes our jobs look great and actually it’s a safer process. For example, most bathroom vent fans are simply a square cut out in the ceiling. These cut outs are over sized and rarely sealed with sealant they are just inserted into the opening. We go from the attic-side and foam in the device sealing it off from the inside air. this results in stopping any dust and debris from falling into the living space as we work. Another example would be sealing off the top of an A/C closet. Not only does this prevent dust from falling it can also stop an animal from falling into there if you were to ever have an issue again.

Those are just two examples that will result in cost savings over the life of the house. If you would like to know more just give me a call, we have done many attic insulation restoration projects and can certainly provide references.

Do you have an insurance claim?

If you insurance company is involved, no worries we have done that as well, in fact we have even acted as an umpire between the client and the insurer to help decide what is an accurate estimation of damage. I would suggest you speak to me if your wondering about an insurance claim. Most insurance agents have never dealt with a claim involving animal damage to a home and may try to dismiss your claim in the beginning. Once they become educated, they soon realize that perhaps it is covered and take care of it. 

If your concerned, again give us a call. Perhaps all you need is a small area cleaned and for that a claim may not be necessary!

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