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How to get rid of a squirrel in an attic - Louisiana Squirrels that is!

What kind of squirrels do we have in Louisiana?

We have basically 3 (there are subspecies!)

We have Gray Squirrels in Metairie, Kenner, River Ridge, Harahan, Slidell, Covington, Mandeville,Baton Rouge, New Orleans and basically state wide!

We have Fox Squirrels (Black and Red phase) Slidell, Covington, Houma, Mandeville, Lacombe, and many other areas however I have never seen a fox squirrel in Metairie or New Orleans

We have Flying Squirrels in Slidell, Lacombe, Mandeville, Covington, and Folsom and parts of Mississippi as well as other areas of the state however I have never seen one in Metairie or New Orleans

Squirrel Pictures are here

Gray Squirrels are probably the most common type of squirrel that gets into attics. Getting rid of gray squirrels (if your wondering what is the difference between a “grey” and or a “gray” squirrel - there isn’t one, the words grey and gray are interchangeable and mean the same thing) or rather getting them out of an attic may be difficult depending on the time of year. Gray Squirrels can have more than one litter a year and often do! So just when you think you got rid of them - they are back! Especially when it gets cold out!

Squirrels tend to run on the roof and sense the warm air coming out of an attic (like many other critters) in the winter time and the cooler air come summer. So in the fall of the year when it gets cold out, a critter on the roof will feel the warm air coming out of the attic. Then the squirrel will make the hole a little bigger and finally they are in!

Strobe lights don’t work - despite what some websites selling them claim my experience says different.

Squirrel repellents just don’t work either once they have moved into the attic. They could possibly deter them in the beginning however deterrents are a short time fix and often the squirrel returns a day or so later and the squirrel deterrent is useless.

Do moth balls work? Nope. Sure if you get enough of them in a confined space I guess anything will evacuate the area - you may just poison yourself so I do not recommend moth balls for squirrels or any other wildlife problems - they are for MOTHS

It is far better to get the squirrels out of the attic then repair the cracks or crevices that they were entering through as well as go around and locate the FUTURE possible squirrel problems. This may mean installing a drip edge, or roof repairs! Then we can clean up the mess and disinfect the attic.