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We generally live harmoniously with the squirrels living outside around our home. The problem occurs when the get inside. Squirrels usually gain access into attics by finding a spot they can easily access from a tree and chewing through fascia board. In fact, squirrels cause the most damage by their chewing habits. This can be especially dangerous to homes if the squirrels begin to chew on wires in the attic, as this can cause a fire.

Squirrels also cause nuisance because of their hours of activity. They are generally quiet during the night, but are active in the early morning around sunrise, and later in the day before dark. Most often, you can determine squirrels in your attic by the time of activity and the sound of the activity. Most people would describe this as a scurrying type of running sound, and the activity usually sounds playful.

We can successfully eliminate a squirrel problem by providing trapping services and removal. Trapping is necessary to remove the animals that call your attic “home.” Removal is also important, because if the animal is not taken away it will only wind its way back into your attic, and end up causing more damage by doing so. Along with trapping and removal, repairs may also be necessary to lessen the chance of a repeat problem. If repairs are left undone, it leaves the area vulnerable, and other squirrels will often take advantage of the opportunity.

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