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Often times, a snake will be considered a nuisance to someone just by being seen in the yard. Other times a snake may wander into a shed, garage, basement, or even the living area of your home! Although snakes do not cause physical damage (unless bitten of course), it is never a pleasant encounter. A snake should always be identified immediately in order to determine the level of danger and avoid a bad situation, or at very least, give a little peace of mind.

You may not be able to identify a snake just by looking at it, so a few things are important to know if you come across one. In Louisiana, there are 7 kinds of venomous snakes, although a few are questionable to be found in the state and there are only a handful of documented records of their presence. The most accurate way to determine a venomous snake from non-venomous is by the shape of the pupil, IF you are close enough to see it. Venomous snakes have an elliptical shaped pupil, like a cats eye, as opposed to non-venomous snakes which have a round pupil. The only exception to this rule is the coral snake, which can easily be identified by its red, black, and yellow stripes.

We offer many solutions for snake removal. First is our trapping services; If the snake is there, we will catch it. Second is snake repellant which is used around the property, and is highly recommended as a follow up to trapping. Third is snake proofing. With a thorough inspection of your home or other structures, we identify any areas that make your home vulnerable to a repeat problem, as well as secure those places accordingly.

We always recommend you hire us, as we are professionals, but for tips on getting rid of the problem yourself see our DIY page.

Snake on back porch Snake found in Kenner!