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Yes, we do bat removals in Slidell, LA!

If you have bats in your attic in Slidell, and you need to get the bats out of your home - guess what - we can get the bats out and keep them out! Most of my family has lived in Slidell!

If you need references from any of our bat removals or bat removal customers in your area give us a call we can provide them.

Certain areas of Slidell have different types of construction, especially with the wide variety of land and waterways.  I will be adding some bat removal stories and pictures from the Slidell, LA area to my bat removal in New Orleans blog I am concerned about your health, and advise that if you do have bats in your attic and you need the bats out of your house - give me a call and I will be happy to help you. Do not go into your attic at night if you do have bats in there. Rabies shots could run over 1200.00 dollars!

There are some bat facts you will need to know if your attic has bats in the attic or at the peak of your roof.

  1. Do not go into your attic at night!
  2. Do not handle a live bat or a suspected dead bat on the ground.
  3. Bats are not trying to fly into your hair, they are beneficial to our environment!
  4. We exclude the bats we DO NOT KILL THEM.
  5. We can seal your home against future bat problems and guarantee it in most cases.
  6. Your bat problem will not fix itself.
  7. Bat deterrent sprays, powders and pulsating sound devices do NOT work to solve 99.9% bat problems.They are a waste of time and money - with your health and safety at risk you shouldn't waste either!

News Update: We recently did a bat removal for a large two story apartment building off of HWY 11 and that bat removal was very difficult because of the terrible roofers the guy hired after Katrina, not only did we get rid of the bats but we removed guano from the apartment walls that was stacked 4 ft high - I often price the job according to the work involved! Needless to say that job went into the thousands! Today the building is BAT FREE!

Slidell Bat Removal and Live animal service/exterminators!


Slidell Bat Removal Service

The map at right shows the many locations we have removed bats from in the Slidell, Louisiana area. Slidell has many different types of buildings because of the many different areas, I mean you can go from swamp to subdivision in seconds around here. So we see everything from bats in apartment buildings to shacks, and sometimes the occasional mobile home. Most of the time though it is a brick structure with a metal cap that the bats like, but this is one of the few places we see bats at the 8 ft level, meaning that they might be in a single story house by the corner of the garage. You might see them fly out but the droppings and the dirty entry point are often the most telling signs of a bat infestation. If you find a bat in the house, give us a call. Rabid bats have been found in Slidell and Lacombe. I do not know of any other area that a bat has tested positive in other than those two areas.

Mexican Free-tailed bat

Free-tailed bat

Little Brown Bat

Little Brown bat