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Covington - Mandeville - New Orleans - Slidell -  Bat Removal and Wildlife Control Services!

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Parker Wildlife Control offers many services. We can offer a complete full service option at a wide variety of prices depending on what you need done to solve your animal problem. In some cases we will exterminate, but we do not exterminate bats, or other wildlife unless the situation demands it. We consider ourselves and our business model to be humane.

Wildlife Control in the New Orleans area can be a demanding job. We are often confused for New Orleans Animal Control - or the SPCA.

We are not government funded, and although I could lobby to have your taxes increased to pay for my services - who really wants to pay higher taxes? I don’t.

Animal control in our area typically handles dogs and cats - not local wildlife, for that you’ll need to hire a professional who is legally allowed to do this.

Pest control companies are not allowed to do what we do unless they are specifically licensed to handle, trap, and or transport wildlife outside of the trapping season without a valid state issued WCO license! The fines can be considerable, so if your not sure your legal - call wildlife and fisheries in Baton Rouge. (225) 765-2800 and ask to speak to the guy or gal in charge of the nuisance wildlife division.

To find out more about our specific animal control services click on the appropriate animal links. We look forward to solving your animal problem, and do not mind answering a few questions for the DIY’er out there!

Animals have been in our area, in YOUR neighborhood for longer than you and I - just because YOU have not seen them doesn't mean they are not there - trust me - they are, they have been and they will be there for a long, long time after we are gone.

 Parker Wildlife Control operates on the idea that we cannot control all wildlife in New Orleans - but we can help you secure your home and protect your property should the local wildlife pose a threat to your health and safety.

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