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Man I love it when a rat problem is easy, but truth be told rats in an attic can be a tough problem to solve - sure you can do the toss and pray method (pray you don’t have to smell the creature after it dies!) But poisons can cost you more in having to live with a bad odor or smell or even worse have to cut out a hole in the wall to remove the smelly sack of YUCK!

Get Rid of Rats Today!

If your looking to solve the problem long term - maybe we can help. We scour the exterior to try to seal the whole house. We want you to be rid of the rat problem for good - what is the best way to get rid of rats? In my opinion it is to seal the building off from all cracks and crevices.

An inspection by an expert like me will help you do just that, I have years of experience in New Orleans and its architecture. I can help you solve it for good or let you know you’re doomed!

Old buildings (100 years +) are often just too run down. Condo units where many units are connected via the same roof line are also tough jobs because there are often several owners who are not affected.

Cost of Rat Removal

Typical costs are

165 for an inspection

385 for trapping and repairs are quoted after the inspection is complete.

An inspection might be all you need to start off with. If you are missing the drip edge we may recommend a roofer fix that prior to us trapping. We may also do the repair ourselves.

New Orleans - rat nest in the attic