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Does insurance cover the cost of bat removal and remediation

Does insurance cover bat removal?

Does insurance cover the cost of clean up and or remediation?

While many people in this industry deal with insurance claims, and have seen many different scenarios, we are not the best people to answer this question. The best answer  is simply this - consult an attorney. It doesn’t matter what I think, or what I have seen other than to give you some background knowledge. The only thing that matters is what is written in your policy and how a judge would interpret it. The law is not always about what is right or fair but rather how well the policy is written in regards to your claim and how well your attorney can argue your case.

How to make a claim for bat remediation: Essential first steps

  1. Document everything with photos.
  2. Get a written estimate, usually this is a detailed line itemized estimate.
  3. Call your agent and ask him if he has ever dealt with anything like this, and then ask him to come out.

 I would also recommend getting several quotes, especially in this industry where some people will price a full clean out when only a spot cleaning is necessary. Some insurance companies will not accept a partial clean out anyway and recommend a full attic restoration regardless.