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An Opossum running around the attic making noise, or running along your fence at night causing everyone's dogs to bark all night can really disrupt a good nights sleep!

I see opossums going into chimneys, and going under the slab of houses in all areas of New Orleans including Metairie, Harahan, Luling - the westbank towns of Gretna, Harvey, Marrero - the Northshore too - Mandeville, Covington, and Slidell! I see Opossums all over!

They don’t seem to cause the chewing of wires or the gnawing on wood that rats or squirrels might do but they always seem to be in the same places!

Opossums can be caught in just about the cheapest cage available as they do not act as vicious as other animals like raccoons who will tear apart many a cage trap.

Opossums DO CARRY FLEAS like no other animal I know in this area. If you have a flea problem in the bathroom and can’t seem to get rid of it - ask yourself if you also hear some bumping around the tub or under it. If your in a raised house in New Orleans, LA - (well for any area really) an opossum may just be coming up underneath the plumbing cutout!

Fleas coming out of your fireplace is yet another tell-tale sign of an opossum problem!

Once we get done - we recommend you hire a trained and licensed Pest Control Professional to deal with the fleas!

If you intend on trapping this critter yourself check out our DIY page on Opossums