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New Orleans Nutria removal

Posted by: Parker Wildlife at 00:00, September 4 2011.

Louisiana nutria/wildlife removal company Parker Wildlife Control is trapping and removing nutria from in and around the New Orleans area. Our latest project includes the removal of 70 + nutria from the small pond at West End Marina. Somebody spray painted "Nudist Colony - No Peeking" on the fence and the fence itself continues to fall when the winds pick-up but other than that it has been fairly uneventful. We have used many different setups and types of traps. We have NOT used any “conibear” due to the fence falling so if you’re in the area with your pets rest assured we do not use poison or lethal traps - your pets are safe. In fact your pets are safer now that we have removed so many of these critters. the ground is covered with nutria droppings, and the pond itself is a nasty brew of fecal matter and ecological nastiness. The City of New Orleans is taking care of this terrible situation and your help is welcome but please do not go into the fenced off area.