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New Orleans Honeybee removal Click HERE

New Orleans insulation removal and replacement involves hot attic work and some decisions on the types of materials to be used. Cleaning up an attic yourself can be extremely strenuous and you will subject yourself to health risks.

Tools you will need:

Now if you try insulation removal yourself, be aware you are removing soiled insulation full of bird or bat droppings! You’ll want to have a pest control operator go in an pre-treat the area so you don’t get bitten up prior to even getting started and you’ll also want to have it treated again once you get finished! Underneath the soiled insulation are more bugs that will present themselves unaffected after those  nasty layers of insulation are removed - yuck!

There's a whole host of diseases, parasites and filth in there so buckle up and enjoy.

A job done right is a job worth doing