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New Orleans Armadillo Removal and Control

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Armadillo removal in New Orleans is similar to the Slidell area because MANY of the homes are on slab foundations and not raised off the ground. Generally, holes at the foundation are more often than not caused by builders using sand - which erodes quickly - after there was some sort of plumbing issue under the house. Plumbers are quick to tunnel under the house and fix the problem but they are also quick to get a truck in there to pump sand under the house to fill the voids they created to fix your plumbing problem. They aren’t being cheap, that’s just how it’s done! The problem doesn’t even surface for at least 2 yrs. Then the problem really becomes a bigger problem - those small holes get bigger and bigger and animals move in to fill the voids as well!

What do we do to fix it? We fill the holes with rocks but not just any rocks - these are about a ½ inch limestone chip rock - you can find this in bags at Home Depot actually and fill the holes yourself if you want to. We charge to fill the holes and sometimes we create a running border around the house to ensure that there is no area unprotected. Check out our photos of jobs and solutions. There's a link near the end of the page.

What does it cost, you ask?

Costs: We charge 165 for an inspection and 385 for trapping but we have charged up to 650 for a more extensive job! Also, to fix and fill the holes do NOT use sand - you want Erosion control rock!

We typically charge about 75 dollars to fill the average armadillo hole but to keep them out for good you may want a rock border around the house. Jobs like that run about 12-2400 depending on the level of difficulty and the amount of linear footage involved.