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OK, so you have raccoons in your attic - home or business and your wondering

I can tell you for sure that in 99% of the cases raccoon removal should be left to a professional.

Raccoons trapped in New Orleans

“How do I get raccoons out of my attic?”

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Here are some tips (if you do NOT hire us) to help you find someone who can legally and humanely remove raccoons in Louisiana

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Q:How do I catch or get a raccoon out of the house!

A: To catch a raccoon you may find it helpful to use marshmallows as a bait but you will need a very strong trap - not some 25 dollar trap. Also caution: You may actually catch it then what? What would you do with a raccoon if you catch it? You can call us for an animal pickup!

Q:Who removes raccoons in New Orleans, Metaire, Kenner, River Ridge, Harahan, Covington, Hammond, Mandeville, and Slidell?

A: Parker Wildlife removes raccoons from all over Louisiana - chances are we will be able to help you get rid of them.

Q:How do I get raccoons out of my attic?

A: Well, you will need to understand that you will need a strong trap not some cheapo model

Q:raccoon deterrents, do they work?

A: Nope - not to get rid of a family of raccoons! It just doesn’t work!

Q: Do I have a Raccoon infestation?

A: You might and since they carry raccoon roundworm eggs you may need your whole attic cleaned!

Call us today for an inspection we cover all issues related with raccoon control, cleanup, feces removal and attic insulation replacement - visit our desktop site for more information.