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Q:Who removes bats in New Orleans, Metaire, Kenner, River Ridge, Harahan, Covington, Hammond, Mandeville, and Slidell?

A: Parker Wildlife removes bats from all over Louisiana - chances are we will be able to help you get rid of them. Bats require much more work than what your pest control company can normally do. Bat removal should be performed by ONLY an experienced and trained pro. I am Bat Standards Compliant and I make sure all of my work is outstanding and as perfect as possible.

How big is a baby bat in New Orleans

Bats in our area are small to begin with! Pictured at left is a juvenile bat (pup)

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New Orleans

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Bat Removal Costs

Here are some tips (if you do NOT hire us) to help you find someone who can legally and humanely remove bats in Louisiana

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 How do I get bats out of my attic?

The best way to get bats out of the attic is to seal non-use potential entry points and setup one-way doors over the known exit/entry points. The one way doors should be left in place for a minimum of 3 days with the outside temperature keeping above 50 degrees. If the temperature drops below 50 the bats may not exit but rather stay inside and keep warm. Most people leave their one way doors up for 7-10 days. Leaving them up longer can result in deterioration of the devices and possibly allowing the bats back in!

How do I catch or get a bat out of the house!

The best way to catch a bat inside the house is to use a net and gloves. You may find it helpful to turn on a ceiling fan, often the bat will fly around it and be easier to catch in air. Do not touch it with bare hands! Opening a large window can also help aid his exit.

How do bats get into my attic?

Bats can get into crevices as thin as 3/8 in so you will need to understand that this is NOT a simple issue. If you have a bat in the house and suspect a large colony of bats in the attic or walls - you should get a pro to evaluate your situation ASAP

Do bat deterrents and bat deterrent products work?

No bat deterrents do not work to get rid of an infestation of bats from an attic. Many products claim that they do in fact deter bats but none of them claim to be able to get rid of an infestation. It just doesn't work!

How can I tell if I have a Bat infestation and what is the cost of a bat removal?

You can tell you have a bat infestation when you can observe bats exiting from your structure in the evenings and often you will see and hear them during the day. There is usually a heavy urine smell associated with bats. People many times blame the family pet for urinating in a certain room and usually upstairs. If you suspect you might have a bat problem, give me a call!

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