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OK, so you have armadillos in your yard, digging up the garden and your wondering “How do I trap armadillos?”

Armadillo trapping in New Orleans is done just like it is in any other southern state. You use their blindness to your advantage.

Q:How do I catch or get rid of an armadillo?

A: To capture an armadillo around New Orleans, you will want to study the lay of the land, and set up your trap so that he (or she) will simply walk into the trap much like a blind man.

Q:How do I get armadillos out of my attic?

A: Well, you will need to understand that you will never have an armadillo in your attic as they do not climb vertical surfaces. I have NEVER seen an armadillo in an attic in New Orleans, LA or any other city for that matter.

Q:Armadillo deterrents, do they work?

A: Nope - but they have a strong sense of smell anything like moth balls and pepper can work but moth balls are for moths!

Q: Do I have an armadillo infestation?

A: You might and since they always have 4 babies they can multiply FAST!

Q: What Kind of food do armadillos eat in New Orleans?

A: Whatever they can forage and find in the way of bugs, dead animals, and vegetation.

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