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Mandeville Armadillo Removal and Control

Armadillo removal in Mandeville is not unlike any other southern town however there are a few things to be aware of. Since many of the homes in Mandeville are raised off the ground - meaning they are not slab homes, armadillos invade the foundational pillars which could significantly impact the structure.

Most of the time though these critters just tear up the yard and create an ugly mess. Sometimes it looks like someone was riding around in a four-wheeler in the garden. Sometimes, people blame an armadillo but in fact it was a raccoon that actually did the damage.

The difference between armadillo damage and raccoon is often subtle but there are some things that make it obvious to me…if the hole is cylindrical and deep it might be a raccoon, if it appears that the grass is rolled back it might be a raccoon - remember they have hands and armadillos do not.

If the damage is along the edges and the hole is more of a triangle shaped divet - it might be an armadillo.

So as you can see, to distinguish the difference it does take an eye and some experience to identify the markings as belonging to an armadillo.

Chances are though, that if you see a giant hole along a wall or a pillar with a pile of dirt out front and perhaps a tail drag marking in the dirt leading into the hole - well you probably got yourself an armadillo issue.

Costs: We charge 165 for an inspection and 385 for trapping but we have charged up to 650 for a more extensive job! Also, to fix and fill the holes do NOT use sand - you want Erosion control rock!

We typically charge about 75 dollars to fill the average armadillo hole but to keep them out for good you may want a rock border around the house. Jobs like that run about 12-2400 depending on the level of difficulty and the amount of linear footage involved.

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