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Raccoons in Mandeville, LA

Posted by: Parker Wildlife at 02:59, January 3, 2018

When I first set traps at this guys house I thought we were after something other than an armadillo. The customer called because he had digging in his yard and he was certain it was an armadillo.

Looking at the damage, I knew it wasn’t. There’s a different look to turf that has been damaged by a raccoon. Raccoons have hands and tend to manipulate their surroundings much more than an armadillo might. All an armadillo can do is root around with his nose and maybe dig with his very powerful claws.

So at this yard I saw damage out in the middle with the newly laid sod (that’s usually the case) being almost rolled up like a tortilla.

Funny thing (not to the landscaping company though) is this guy had just hired someone to lay down new grass - and now it has been ripped apart by an animal.

Since he had seen an armadillo - he just assumed that was the culprit.

22 raccoons later the problem went away.

The issue of raccoons tearing up a yard seems to be a very learned behavior in that once a couple start doing it the other ones soon join in until your yard looks like a bomb went off in it.

Holes can reach a foot deep as they dig like mad sometimes!

So next time you see some digging don’t always assume you know what did it, give me a call.