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Raccoon removal - New Orleans - we trap raccoons under houses, in the garden and sometimes they rip up the yard! Certain times of the year we find raccoons that just love to destroy the yard. Most of the time they go into the attic and cause problems by going to the bathroom in piles or simply by making noises in the attic.

Baby raccoons in the attic: Yeah it happens!

What not to do when a raccoon has young in the attic.

We evict mother raccoons with her babies rather than trap them if we can - but make no mistake, a mother raccoon WILL rip a hole in your roof to get back in if she wants to and or feels the need to get back in. Simply waiting until dark and closing up the entrance will just result in you having another hole in your roof somewhere else!

The Cost of Raccoon Removal.

How much it costs to remove raccoons is based on what we have to do. Eviction fluid/paste will cost between 185.00 and 235.00 depending on the ladder work involved - unfortunately raccoons like high places. Trapping is our usual 385.00 but can go up again depending on the ladder work and or our liability in setting traps in the area to be trapped. The price can also be affected by the use of Trap Alert units and the travel time involved to get to you on a regular basis. Animal trapping regulations require us to check our traps daily and kill traps every other day - you can bet that costs us in gas money and hourly labor rate. Finally, you must consider the cost to KEEP THEM OUT in the future. Repairs to your roof or walls may be necessary. We cannot do it all and sometimes refer people to roofers when the job is beyond our scope.

All About Louisiana Raccoons

Where are the raccoons at night? Why are they in my attic? Do you think they have babies? These are all questions I get while out in the field. Raccoons pretty much hole up in the daytime, they are active though so just because you see a raccoon  in the daytime does not mean it is rabid. As far as whether or not they have young, it really depends on the time of year, although there is no other sound like a young or juvenile raccoon. Raccoons are in your attic because they CAN BE - it’s that simple, there is an opening that provides shelter!

How many babies do raccoons have?

How many babies raccoons have is up to nature but I typically see about 3-5 in a litter with 5 being the most common. I usually see these litters and get calls for babies raccoons in attics around may and sometimes a second time in August and or September - but mostly around May.

What Kind of noise does a baby raccoon make?

What sort of noises will I hear if I DO have baby raccoons???  click here to listen!

Do I need to clean up my attic?

Attic clean up is often necessary in this case and sometimes your homeowners insurance agent can help with the costs - sometimes covering the whole thing!  I can help you with this, as we do attic clean up and repair work. We have extensive experience with homeowners insurance companies and a 100 percent success rate. Often, insurance companies come to us for second bids when they are concerned about cost and effectiveness. We have served as umpires in insurance court cases where other companies were in dispute with the insurance company. Insurance companies are not exactly in the business of paying a claim that they do not have to , or paying exorbitant fees for what would be considered an ordinary known cost. Attic insulation can be a very high cost item, and no wonder. Attics are hot, and full of hidden dangers. Raccoon roundworms eggs are microscopic and can get airborne. Fiberglass insulation once inhaled never come out of your lungs again. Since animals sometimes chew wires there is sometimes a danger of touching a live wire, but most of the time the real danger is falling out of the attic. It is easy to make a misstep and few people know it but we have lost people in our industry dues to falls associated with attics. So safety is a huge concern for us. We work hard to take care of everything we do in a professional and safe manner and look forward to helping you solve your raccoon problem. If you have more questions just give me a call!