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New Orleans Honeybee removal Click HERE

To help you identify a bee you would normally find in Louisiana I have assembled some pictures taken in New Orleans, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, Kenner, Marrero, Gretna, Harvey, Baton Rouge, and even further out areas of Louisiana but mostly around here…

So have a quick look and learn what kind of bee you may have and what can be done about it.

A visit from a professional will quickly solve it - but you can still educate yourself and be sure your getting a good fair price for the work to be done and not some rip off or scam from some idiot claiming years of experience or a pest control company who claims some poison will do the trick!

Buyer be educated because yes there are a few scammers out there claiming to be bee removal experts - yeah they have complaints against them with the BBB and bad reviews are found on the net about them - yet people still get taken and I still hear horror stories and go behind them cleaning up their mess - so do your homework and research - save yourself a headache later!


Types of Bees


Blue Bee

Carpenter Bee

Bumble Bee

Spelling Bee


Types of wasps

Red wasp

Yellow Jacket

Cicada Killer

Cow Killer

Paper wasp

Pygmy Wasp

Giant Killer New Orleans wasps


Types of Bee problems

Swarms of bees

Bees in Floor joists

Bees in Soffit fascia

Bees in Wall voids

Bees in Trees

Bees in cars

Bees in cemeteries

Bees in other places…

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