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 If You are looking to get rid of YELLOW JACKETS - Contact a bee keeper for bee removal in your area!

YELLOW JACKETS and Bee Removal in New Orleans and Baton Rouge must be handled by

professional  Beekeepers and bee experts!

"How do I get rid of Yellow-jackets in my walls?" From New Orleans to Baton Rouge , I get asked that but the worst yellow-jacket infested area seems to be the North Shore of New Orleans. The cities of Covington, Mandeville, Lacombe, and Slidell seem to be the worst. Often we have to go in search of them, or we accidentally FIND THEM! Yellow-jackets stings are ferocious and they do sting repeatedly. If you have a large nest in a Palm tree, I would strongly urge you to contact a pro. Even a professional with experience has a tough time with these types of infestations as yellow jacket nest usually have dozens of escape routes and this makes going after them dangerous if you do NOT know what you are doing. Its that simple.

So, how do you get rid of these stinging little yellow-jackets?

CALL (504) 338-7517  of course!  We will buzz right over and solve the problem! We will give you the best advice we can for free! Be prepared though as we may refer you to our good friends at the Busy Bee Company!

Basically, to get rid of bees you wait until after nightfall and surprise them with lethal action!  That is easier said than done though. Do yourself a favor DO NOT USE BUG SPRAY on them without being able to finish the job as this could cause them to disperse in the wall voids! They will chew through the ceiling, or start coming in around the light fixtures and wind up in the house with you!