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"How do I get rid of Bats in my attic?"

BEWARE of out of state referral service agencies, or people selling bat work based on scare tactics - they probably are not even licensed to work in this state! Check here to see if they are!

Report violators  BY CALLING (225) 765-2800- sadly,there are people from out of state seeking money for bat work right here in New Orleans, that they are NOT performing and can’t without driving hundreds of miles! They’ll promise you the moon and leave you to deal with the mess they leave behind.

 Don’t get taken to the cleaners, hire a local company!

From New Orleans to Baton Rouge , I get asked that more than once a year. Parker Wildlife Control New Orleans Bat removal and exclusion will perform just about any bat job, from a single bat found in a kitchen to large infestations, guano clean-out and removal. We will even repair the entry point so that you don't have a problem in the future! Bats usually enter two story buildings where the vinyl meets the brickwork and removing the bats will almost certainly mean your going to have to seal that crevice around the entire perimeter. Bats seem to love high places but they will invade even a single story house. We specialize in Log Cabins. These types of structures are among the hardest to seal off. Bats seem to find every nook and cranny!

What kind of bats do we have in New Orleans? Typically, I see "Mexican Free-tailed bats." They are the most prevalent in our area.

So, how do you get rid of bats? CALL (504) 338-7517  of course! If you would like to see a colony of bats head out to Clearview Pky and drive under the overpass that heads to Dickory. There are bats  living under that bridge. If you saw me on the NAT GEO WILD show called “Wild Nights in New Orleans” you will see footage of the bats flying at night!

Basically, to get rid of bats you seal unoccupied cavities and simply create a one-way door, by means of tubes and or netting but you must be sure to not kill or harm any bats in the process!  That is easier said than done though. We will evict them and clean up after them and keep them out for good!