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New Orleans Bat Removal and Wildlife Control of animals in the attic!

Louisiana Bee Removal

Of course we do goose removal, we adhere to all laws and remove the geese that are causing the trouble! We can help you set up a goose - “unfriendly” environment - if that’s what you want.

Geese can cause conflict when their numbers grow to more than the area can sustain. In our area this is rare but when the need arises we are here and we offer the most humane solutions possible.

We can educate and or eradicate but our goal is create a TOLERABLE LEVEL.

If the tolerable level is zero we can do that too but we find it is through compromise and coexistence that most goals can be met.

We will be sure to get all applicable permits at the state and federal level to give you the most professional solution possible.

Geese do not need to be a problem for you or your HOA. We work with small lakes, large lakes, ponds, and can perform goose poop clean up and pond maintenance. We can clean up your pond and divert wildlife where it makes sense to do that.

We have friends in many states - if you find this and need goose removal give us a call - we can recommend a goose removal professional in your area and guide you to a realistic solution to your goose problems.