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Bat Pictures


How big is a baby bat in New Orleans

Bats in our area are small to begin with! Pictured at left is a juvenile bat (pup)

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New Orleans

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How do I catch or get a bat out of the house!

The best way to catch a bat inside the house is to use a net and gloves. You may find it helpful to turn on a ceiling fan, often the bat will fly around it and be easier to catch in air. Do not touch it with bare hands! Opening a large window can also help aid his exit. If you cannot find it, you may be better off not spending the night in that house. If I go out to look I check along the walls at floor level first, then the closet areas and drapes. Sometimes they will go into light fixtures, but remember do not use bare hands! You cannot risk a bite.

Bat Removal Critters

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Top 5 Questions about bat removal in Louisiana - New Orleans - Covington - Mandeville - Slidell - Baton Rouge.

  1.  How do I get bats out of my attic?
  2. How do I catch or get a bat out of the house!
  3. How do bats get into my attic?
  4. Do bat deterrents and bat deterrent products work
  5. How can I tell if I have a Bat infestation and what is the cost of a bat removal?