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Yes, we pick up nuisance animals! We are NOT funded by any of state or federal tax dollars and YES we do charge to remove a trapped animal. We have employees and insurance and we pay taxes ourselves. Do not call me and tell me how you think I should do this for free - I will hang up on you - Go ahead and hate me for it but you do not go to work for free either…yeah I know I sound upset and seriously unprofessional. I get phone calls darn near everyday with people (believe it or not) upset and MAD at me because I charge to come get an animal…it just gets to me after awhile!

I guess I could lobby to have all of our taxes increased and

with our tax dollars I will provide this service (um, for free!)

NO - this is what we do NOT want. It costs money to do this for a living and because my guys expect a paycheck come Friday - We charge 65.00 minimum for small animal pickups in a trap.

If we are cleaning up a dead animal its going to be more like 235.00

If we are picking up a snake or a cornered live animal such as a raccoon it will be 235.00 and UP!

Why do we charge? We charge for several reasons and by now if you have read this far I am sure your starting to see why without me telling you. The guys working for me expect a paycheck and it costs money to euthanize and or relocate (translocate, actually)

Some people trap an animal and then do not know what to do with it. Simply put your options are few. For me, as a licensed professional my options are even less.

If I relocate or translocate an animal I must have WRITTEN land owner permission and do not even think about using any state lands or wildlife refuges! Those are for the animals that are already there.

If I euthanize it I must follow AMVA guidelines and use proper techniques - then dispose of it according to Jefferson Parish rules - bring it to a landfill double bagged.

Everything costs me money too folks!

I hope you understand, I am not a millionaire I am just trying to earn a living for me and the men and women who work for me.

If you need us we are here !