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It depends…

We do give discounts to the military as well as those who are retired and on a fixed income such as social security.

Trapping - typically 385.00 Covers 7-10 days of trapping. We always get our man.

If we have to spend an extra week we don’t mind - when you hire us - we are there to solve the problem! Other typical quotes are 650.00, 485.00 and sometimes into the thousands! I can often quote you a price over the phone during the original phone call.

Inspection - typically 165.00 We almost always find additional things that could leave you venerable to other animals. We can fix the current problem and give you an estimate to fix the problems you don’t have yet! Imagine if you called me next year and I said, “oh yeah, I saw that last time I was here…” Sometimes I can inspect your house during the phone call - believe it or not you will use keywords and provide enough clues that I often know what I am going to do and what it will take to solve your problem before I even come out there - but NOT completely.

You deserve to know how you can animal proof your home for good! Even if you do not hire us to fix the problems - at least you’ll know what they are and maybe even fix it yourself. It helps to have an experienced eye take a look around, for sure! A roofer can look at it and tell you what's wrong from his point of view - I can look at it like a wild animal might - I have seen what they can do!

Trapping with Trap Alert units will also incur an additional fee but do provide the security of 24hr electronic monitoring - we will know within minutes of trap action. This also provides notification of accidental trap closure, and allows for monitoring of hard to access locations where visible trap checks do not permit.

Animal Proofing - varies according to the task at hand. We will give you an estimate during our initial inspection or get back to you as the case may be. Our most expensive animal proofing is done for bats. Bat proofing requires a keen eye and often more than 3 visits and a couple of guys on the job. We use high grade materials to match and guarantee our work. I have excellent references in all areas of Louisiana, and I look forward to calling you our next!

Animal Cleanup - DOA. We charge according to location, in other words is it under the house, in the walls, or in the attic? We also vary the charge according to the size of the animal, is it a small squirrel or a horse stuck in a tree? Yeah, we have had that phone call…Typically 235.00 for medium animals and we do have odor control products as well.

Call us so we can help solve your animal control problem and or provide you with an estimate as to what it might cost to remove bats, raccoons, or other attic dwelling creatures. Attic insulation removal, clean up and restoration is a whole other animal. - Call us for pricing on that!