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Tired of working in a dead end job? Are you hard working with a background in construction? Can you work on a ladder? Are you an honest person who can talk to people? Are you willing to make an investment of time? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a fit for this job.

Notice I did not ask you if your afraid of animals, or if you enjoy working with them? A career in this industry does NOT require that you blaze into dangerous situations, in fact you should be cautious when you approach any dangerous situation as this is NOT a reality TV show - this is reality! You should not get into this field simply because you love animals - there is nothing wrong with that and yes you should love them but this job is not about “saving” animals. This job is about resolving nuisance wildlife conflict, if you can do it and NOT harm animals - GREAT! We aim to solve the problem without harming anything. You must be willing to dispatch and or euthanize animals when it is required though, and although it is NOT easy it is a necessary part of the job!

You can call me any time to discuss a job. I am always seeking someone who would be willing to service one of our currently listed territories full time. An independent contractor servicing a territory can earn up to 90% of the profits! (Not starting out though).

No you will NOT earn a six figure income to start but it is easily attainable with the right work ethic and training.

You should have a few things already like:

“This is a full time job, a serious candidate will love what he is doing - I know I do!”

Want a career in wildlife control?