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Trapping an Opossum yourself is not really that hard, but what are you going to do with it afterwards?

Your neighbor probably will NOT like you dropping off old smiley face in his yard! The local park is full of kids and an opossum wandering around lost is an open invitation to mess with it and maybe get bitten.

If you insist though I put this page together to help you with a few of the basics, if you do trap it and want us to pick it up - we may charge 75.00 - 125.00 dollars, just to pick it up and relocate it.

For bait I recommend marshmallows - its a great bait, not expensive and they seem to love it.

Next is trap placement - I recommend setting it right near where you saw the darned thing.

Be sure to keep pets and local kids from messing with the trap or a trapped animal, although uncommon opossums can carry diseases! If your trapping in your attic remember animals can pee right through the cage - transferring an animal outdoors could result in droppings or urine in places you didn’t intend.

Purchasing a trap can be had a most feed stores, Home Depot, or from a friend - you’ll be amazed at how many other people have opossum problems that you know personally! Good luck and let us know if we can help you further!