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Bats can be excluded sometimes by simply hanging a 3 mil trash bag in such a manner as to allow them to slide out as if it were attached much like a pillow case scenario - closing behind them as the exit. Get our free bat removal manual below!

I have personally spent thousands of dollars learning my trade, and countless hours in time away from my family and I can tell you often there is no easy do it yourself method here.

You MUST seal ALL possible re-entry points. Period. One of the best web sites out there with legitimate information can be found at http://icwdm.org/wildlife/bat/bat.asp I highly recommend you do your homework prior to deciding to do this yourself.

Of course if your still determined or simply cannot afford to hire me - you can get rid of them bats. Rule number one is be safe. Bat work normally involves ladders, if your afraid of tall places your in big trouble - bats LOVE high places!

You will want to observe your house at night and the early morning when the bats return to determine the entry and exit points - you might be VERY surprised to find all of the tiny places bats are exiting. Bats seem to find attic openings in very strange places. Do not forget to look at your ridge cap!

Unfortunately you cannot just “wait for the bats to leave” then seal it up as they do not all leave out the same night - though the majority often do.

I do not recommend placing a bat house adjacent to your structure to give them a place to live, I think this is equating human limits on them. Bats are creatures of the Louisiana night and always have a place to spend the night as long as they are alive and well. Be kind to the bats - do not kill them. Bats are amazing animals.

Bats picked your house because they could. There was an opening that allowed them to get in there and sealing all of those little holes up is key to being a successful bat removal expert.

Good luck and call us for some free advice but don’t get mad when I tell you that you should probably hire an expert for this particular nuisance wildlife bat issue!

Charles Parker - Parker Wildlife Control

Do it yourself Bat removal techniques

Download our famous  DIY bat removal handbook HERE!