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Congratulations, your going to catch yourself an armadillo - tell your wife (or husband) that you finally found a website that will truly teach you how to catch one.

First off there’s a few things to learn

  1. Armadillos typically live underground
  2. Armadillos cannot see well
  3. Armadillos have an excellent sense of smell
  4. Armadillos can walk under water across ditches, canals, and even small rivers and streams.
  5. There is no proven bait for an armadillo!
  6. Armadillos always have 4 genetically identical twins all of the same sex developed from a single egg.
  7. They are omnivores and they eat plants and insects, rotten fruit, etc.

Now, since we know these few basic facts we can start looking for their hole. Found it?

Set a trap directly in front giving it no other access.

Can’t find it but see the damage they cause nightly? It could also be a raccoon, but they will roll up the grass similar to a tortilla - not just rut the ground up.

If you need to trap one from random areas consider a trap set up similar to what you’ll see here.Use a strong trap - the Havahart traps from home depot stand a good chance of being broken by an adult. I recommend reinforcing it or buying a pro trap from Tomahawk.

Here–->Double Door

Finally if you give up you will NOT be defeated here - all is NOT lost just give us a call WE CAN DO IT!