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An unknown nuisance wildlife problem or one left unresolved can often lead to the animal dying in the home. When the animal dies, it creates a strong, foul odor than can linger in the house for weeks. Aside from the obvious problems associated with the odor, a dead animal also creates mildew and bacteria that could lead to sickness if it is left for too long, infest that area of the home with lice or mites, or create maggots and flies.

An animal can die in your attic, duct work, crawl space, walls, fireplace, underneath your house, or just about anywhere with enough space for the animal to get into. Some places are trickier to remove an animal from than others, but we can always find a way to get to it.

To remove a dead animal, we first have to pin-point the animals location. Even if you dont know where it is, we can find the carcass without creating any kind of un-necessary holes. Once it is located, we may have to make a small cut into sheetrock, or maybe remove a few bricks to be able to remove the dead  animal. After the removal, the area is cleaned and treated with a strong disinfectant to kill all bacteria left behind, and deodorized to get rid of the smell. Last, we close up or repair the opening we created and properly dispose of the dead.

DIY link for dead animal removal.