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Yes, we do raccoon removals in Covington! its like we’re everywhere huh?

If you have raccoons in your attic, and you need us to get the raccoons out of your attic - guess what - we can get the raccoons out and keep them out!

If you need references from any of our raccoons removals or raccoons removal customers in your area give us a call we can probably provide them.

Certain areas of Covington have different types of construction. I will be adding some raccoon removal stories and pictures from the Covington, LA area

I am concerned about your health and advise that if you do have raccoons in your attic and you need the raccoons out of your house - give me a call and I will be happy to help you. Do not go into your attic at night if you do have raccoons in there. Rabies shots could run over 1200.00 dollars!

There are some raccoon facts you will need to know if your attic has raccoons in the attic or at the peak of your roof.

  1. Do not go into your attic at night!
  2. Do not handle a live raccoon or a suspected dead raccoon on the ground.
  3. Raccoons do not pay rent anywhere, they are beneficial to our environment and go wherever they want to!
  4. We trap raccoons and deal with them according to our state regulations and in accordance with AMVA guidelines - anyone doing otherwise is breaking the law and probably not licensed.
  5. We can seal your home against future raccoons problems and guarantee it in most cases.
  6. Your raccoon problem will not fix itself.
  7. Raccoons deterrent sprays, powders and pulsating sound devices do NOT work to solve 99.9% raccoon problems.They are a waste of time and money - with your health and safety at risk you shouldn't waste either!

News Update: We just did a raccoon removal for a residence on Canal street in New Orleans, LA. !!!

That raccoon removal was easy and did  NOT involve trapping the raccoons because we were able to use raccoon eviction fluid and simply evict them rather than trap them!

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Covington Raccoon Removal and  Control