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New Orleans Bat Removal and Wildlife Control of animals in the attic!

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Cost of an average Bat Removal in the New Orleans area

Personal Rant On Bat Removal Pricing: Without a doubt this is a tough thing to write about because the costs can and do vary wildly but rest assured - I can put my prices out there because I am absolutely certain that I charge fair prices to one and all and I do NOT up-charge based on how much money I think you have and I DO NOT/WILL NOT scam your insurance company which in the end will hurt you as the homeowner. Yes I love making money but I will do it honestly and without regret. If you have been the target of an insurance scammer, who’s only dream is to charge as much as possible regardless of whether or not he actually fixes the problem in the first place. It rarely costs over 20K to resolve a bat problem, and yes it can cost that and more but do your research and get a couple of quotes. Never sign over power of attorney to a wildlife control guy, unless he absolutely NEEDS it and you have are sure it is for the best. I would also be very leery of the fine print that might ask for “restocking fees” in the event you cancel your “contract”

I generally do not make anyone sign a contract, trust me it’s not to protect you in the first place - it’s to protect the wildlife control company, and is often used to ensure you will pay for something even if the entire service isn’t rendered.

So with that said, and I could go on and on about that - here is a break down of what I would generally charge for bat work. Tall ladders, unusual roof-lines, and materials can cause prices to vary.

Costs of bat removal

350 for a single one way door. This is about my fastest job and the least common amount to charge to get bats out, but it is where the smallest price point is at. I say least common because there is almost ALWAYS additional work involved PRIOR to even being able to setup a one way door.

Here is an image of a one way door

Things that affect the cost of bat removal:

How ladder setup can affect costs of bat removal

Other things that can affect the cost are roof-lines with lots of different levels. Remember bats can get into 3/8 of an inch crevices!

Always make sure your “bat guy” is licensed and insured and has some sort of formal training in bat removal. He or she should have some sort of professional warranty as well.