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Cost of an average Bat Removal in the New Orleans area

How much does it cost to remove bats?

The most true and accurate cost is based on the amount of work needed to complete the project.

Listed in exact order are the typical costs associated with bat removal & repair.

These costs are pretty accurate for most of the country and certainly for me, continue reading for more information.

350 for a single one way door. This is about my fastest job and the least common amount to charge to get bats out, but it is where the smallest price point is at. I say least common because there is almost ALWAYS additional work involved PRIOR to even being able to setup a one way door.

Here is an image of a one way door

Things that affect the cost of bat removal:

How ladder setup can affect costs of bat removal

Other things that can affect the cost are roof-lines with lots of different levels. Remember bats can get into 3/8 of an inch crevices!

Renting a man-lift. We do not rent junk as our lives may depend on it!

Always make sure your “bat guy” is licensed and insured and has some sort of formal training in bat removal. He or she should have some sort of professional warranty as well.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of bat removal?

Insurance does not usually cover the cost to remove the bats but will cover any damage the bats have caused and any repairs likely to prevent further damage. You must carefully read your policy and consult with your agent. Years ago, very few agents knew about this coverage but today agents are much more aware.

There are more cases taken to court and there have been some rulings that have set a precedent allowing for more claims to be approved and others denied.

There is often a pollution clause in coverage that can cause your claim to be denied but depending on it’s wording it can actually help you get the claim covered. Excluding the bats can be part of preventing further damage so it is important how the estimate is worded. In coverage and claims descriptive wording is everything, as it can directly affect the outcome. Parker Wildlife Control has been involved in bat removal for years and we have seen our fair share of claims.

Read More on insurance claim coverage here.