Opossum pickup – Uptown New Orleans

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Opossum Pickup

Opossum in a trap

We got plenty of fleas if you need any!

Picked up an opossum today in the uptown area. Funny thing is the customer was calling me as I pulled up. I then took the little fella to an undisclosed location where I could release him back into the wild far away from where he was trapped and causing a flea problem for the homeowner. Driving from downtown New Orleans towards Hammond was a long drive with the usual crime scene or accident on the interstate just to make my day longer.

What customers do NOT realize is that after I catch an animal I have to do something with it. NOBODY wants me to release an animal on their property, and the state law does not allow me to release an animal on any state wildlife management areas and it has to be 10 miles outside of ANY city limit. If you find that area you will have found my undisclosed location.

I think the point here, is when you want to know why it costs 165 for an inspection + 385 (550 plus repairs) for trapping for 7-10 days – this is it. Just trapping the animal is about 20% of the process. Keep in mind, I never started my company to break even in life. I would like to actually turn a profit, maybe pay off my mortgage one day. It may sound like a lot of money but feel free to pass by my house, it’s just a regular single story under 2k square feet. I am not living large, laughing my way to the bank.

It’s actually quite the opposite. I do enjoy life though! I enjoy helping others and solving that really difficult problem.


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