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Bird Removal

Birds are great when they’re outside, the problem begins when birds find their way inside your home, attic, wall, or anywhere else birds should not be.  Birds inside a site can be extremely noisy and a nuisance.  They can also leave droppings that will eventually start to smell and no one wants that!

Trapping and Removal of Birds

There are various methods to the trapping and removal of pest birds.  Here, at Parker Wildlife Control, we do a site visit and evaluation.  This site evaluation will let us know what steps to take to remove the birds from the site, since after all, different bird problems require different approach methods.

Clean up

Clean up after bird removal work should always be performed by professionals, such as us.  Birds can leave behind fleas, ticks, mites, and others.  These can also live in bird nests and bird feces.


We provide the necessary means of repairs after the birds are removed.  These repairs are highly recommended to prevent any other birds from entering the site of the birds before them.  We provide materials and insurance during these repairs.