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New Orleans Honeybee removal Click HERE

So you have bees in the house?

Do you have fireplace? Sometimes wasps will find their way in through there and pest control companies have no clue…

Have you identified the bee?  Click here to help figure it out.

Did you find the bees or did they find you! If you suddenly find honeybees in side your home you may want to check the outside of the house for an infestation. Honeybees move in all at once but often send scouts out in advance of a swarm. A trained bee removal expert can often determine this by simply looking at it.

The bees will talk to him, to the untrained eye this sounds silly - bee can’t talk - but to a trained eye the bees convey meaning in everything they do.

Call for recommendations and I highly advise you do not attempt to spray a honeybee infestation - this can lead to more trouble and possibly a hospital visit.