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Mandeville Bat Removal - Bats feeding time!

Posted by: Parker Wildlife at 04:28, January 22 2017.

I am always amazed at how many bat calls originate in the Mandeville area. I was actually at a raccoon inspection (yep I work with lots of other species) and myself and the homeowner were standing there talking and I saw a bat at about 4 or 5 feet of the ground (this was in the Beau-Chene subdivision by the way) and what was happening was the bat was going after the mosquitos near the culvert/drainage ditch. Pretty neat stuff watching the bat do his thing. Chances are if you're out at about dusk you will see a bat flying around. Lots of people think that the causeway bridge heading southbound has a lot of bats flying around but those are chimney swifts - not bats! If you can take a photo and zoom in you will see feathers and bats do not have feathers!

Louisiana Bat/wildlife removal - News update

Posted by: Parker Wildlife at 00:00, June 27 2011.

Louisiana bat/wildlife removal company Parker Wildlife Control has been removing bats by exclusion from the New Orleans area to include River Ridge, Harahan and Metairie. Our latest bat job was up by the lakefront. Bats were in a chimney, and they also had some swifts using the chimney as well. After the bats were gone we were able to seal the chimney against future bat problems. We provide a warranty as well! We guarantee that as long as our control mechanisms are in place - it will always be bat free!