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New Orleans Honeybee removal Click HERE Trapped armadillo Northshore, Covington, Mandeville, LA Armadillo trapper getting rid of an armadillo in Slidell

Armadillo trapping in the New Orleans area is fun! How do you trap an armadillo that is digging up your garden and tearing up your grass? Well you can start by reading all the tips and tricks THEN you can hire a pro!

We trap armadillos, on the Northshore - Covington - Mandeville - Slidell etc. And we have trapped them in Destrehan, the Westbank of New Orleans and even Metairie, LA! I would guess we have trapped at least one in every neighborhood around here!

Armadillos are fascinating creatures! They always give birth to 4 identical babies and can walk under water!

They are also half blind and have a keen sense of smell - there's no bait for an armadillo - so good luck trying to entice one!

We use natural barriers and traps to lure them in and we have years of experience!

If your serious about getting rid of those #$#!@’s give us a call we can help!

Armadillo trapper Harvey LA New Orleans Louisiana

Armadillo trapping service

Images of armadillo - jobs - solutions - and setups near you  can be found by clicking HERE