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Louisiana has many wonderful animals! You can find info on each animal by hovering over the navigational link “Animal Info” above.

A few words about Louisiana wildlife and animals in your backyard in New Orleans, or any nearby town for that matter…

If you are concerned about our native wildlife being in your back yard and want me to trap them, I am afraid I cannot help you do more than understand that our native wildlife is here to stay. Oh I can trap them and remove them however you must understand we live on earth and in an area that is full of them. How many would you like me trap for you? I can reduce the numbers in your area but normally more will invade. A raccoon simply being a raccoon is NOT an issue.

People often say “we never had animals around here, like this!” Or they blame Katrina for the animal problems but this simply is not the case. We live in the swamps folks - these animals run our sewer systems and have adapted to the great resources we now provide for them.

Now on the other hand if critters are in your attic, call me - this is an issue and one you will NEED to take care of before your attic is full of feces and if left for too long could completely destroy the value of your home and severe health issues!

Any animal that is causing a health issue needs to be removed or at least the numbers to tolerable levels. I often ask people what exactly is their goal. Is it that they want me to remove all of the animals in Louisiana or just the ones invading their attic?

We focus on bringing the wildlife damage to tolerable levels - for some people a tolerable level means that they do not want ANY animals in their attic and yet to another they want to be able to walk around their pond and not have to worry about 12-30 baby garden snakes wandering around. They did not mind the occasional snake sighting, but when they had babies it was just too many snakes in one area - for the home owner - the owls didn’t mind at all!

So you see, native wildlife damage management is more than meets the eye!