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Yellow Jackets

Posted by: Parker Wildlife at 00:00, September 7 2011.

Yellow Jacket removal guys can be hard to find, sure there’s a beekeeper on every corner in the spring but when it comes to the aggressive stinging insects - everybody disappears! Last year yellow jackets were really bad in the North shore, and New Orleans was spared. We just didn’t have them as much. We are already getting calls so that tells me that those black and yellow little stingers will be bad again, and like last year if you live in Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, Abita Springs, or Hammond you will probably see a lot of them!

Yellow Jackets are actually meat eaters, but they love sugar water and carbonated beverages too! Be sure to keep things clean and tidy with lids on your trash cans. If you go to move a trash can don't just grab it as you may just grab a yellow jacket instead and get stung.

You can deter a yellow jacket from a can full of trash with a little bleach spray on top, but be careful not to spray yourself. I personally use "malathion" available at the home depot. It is an insecticide so be sure to read the label and follow all safety precautions.

If you cannot find anyone to remove the yellow jacket nest, give us a call. We not only get rid of the yellow jackets but we also dig out the nest (if the bees nest is in the ground) and get rid of the whole thing when possible. Sometimes yellow jackets build nests in or under cypress tree roots and we cannot ge the nest out - but we can get rid of those bees at least and make your yard safe again.

When it comes to professional yellow jacket removal - we are New Orleans best.

Louisiana Wildlife - The wild side

Posted by: Parker Wildlife at 04:01, July 1 2011.

I write about our wild side the natural and yet wild side of New Orleans and the new orleans wildlife that exists! I was featured on NatGEO wild showing the wild side of New Orleans at night - not the wild nuts in the french quarter but the wild animals in the woods and yes the wild animals walking the city streets. Many people ask me about the animals walking around at night in New Orleans - the raccoons, the bats, the opossums - I tell them we have always had them here!

If you see a wild animal leave me a comment! I love to hear about all the crazy places folks see a raccoon. I get calls from residents around city park all the time -the raccoons are wild over there! Story land has its stories~

Recommend me on Facebook and bookmark my site - people need to know about the wildlife in New Orleans!