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New Orleans Honeybee removal Click HERE

Contact a bee keeper for swarms in your area!

Honeybees and Bee Removal in New Orleans and Baton Rouge must be handled by

professional  Beekeepers and bee experts

"How do I get rid of Bees, and Honeybees in my walls?" From New Orleans to Baton Rouge , I get asked that 15-20 times a day in the springtime! New Orleans Bee removal and exclusion will perform just about any bee removal, from a swarm of bees to an entire wall infested with bees. We will even repair your home so that you don't have a problem in the future!


We remove bumblebees, carpenter bees, wasps, yellow jackets, even AFRICAN HONEYBEES

Honey Bees in the metro New Orleans area seem to love the shady side of a house. We specialize in the tallest most hard to remove colonies. From tall buildings downtown to utility power line towers, these types of structures are among the hardest to deal with. Honey Bees seem to find every nook and cranny!

What kind of bees do we have in New Orleans? Typically, I see "3 Banded Golden Italians." They are the most prevalent in our area, but we have found African honeybees in our area!

So, how do you get rid of bees? CALL (504) 338-7517  of course!  We will buzz right over and solve the problem!

Basically, to get rid of bees you wait until after nightfall and open up the nest and remove the bees and the honeycomb.  That is easier said than done though. Do yourself a favor DO NOT USE BUG SPRAY on honey bees! They will chew through the ceiling and wind up in the house with you!